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Sajelco can provide you with service that not only includes the design, installation, and modernization of your desired home lifts but also maintenance through an annual maintenance contract for home lift.

Our Annual Maintenance Contract

An Elevator Annual Maintenance Contract or AMC is a significant part of the lift upkeep post installation process. By pursuing an AMC, you will be guaranteed long-term services for your lift.

The purpose of AMC is to reduce the likelihood of an elevator breakdown and to offer superior quality of service. Additionally, the elevator's easily worn-out components will be covered by your annual maintenance contract.

Our annual maintenance contract for elevators or lifts offers real benefits. The costs of periodic maintenance will be included in your elevator's annual maintenance contract. During the AMC period, you can reduce the cost by using this method.

As a result, the contract covers all major components and preventative maintenance for you. We guarantee a cost-saving experience.

Elevator Annual Maintenance Contract services we offer

We are committed to providing our valued customers with a high-quality Elevator Annual Maintenance Contract Service.

Within the allotted time frame, we expertly provide this service.

Our highly trained professionals use top-notch methods and cutting-edge technology to provide the service.

No matter what type of elevator you are installing, our expert team can maintain it by offering AMC for elevators in Dubai.

Why Choose Us for an Annual Maintenance Contract?

We are one of the well-established organizations in UAE and aim to provide value for money to our clients. Our adroit workforce constantly strives hard to offer best products and services to the clients. According to their specific requirement.

Avoid Minor Problems with an Annual Maintenance Contract

The annual maintenance contract for your installed elevators guarantees comprehensive services. You will have access to the facility of having the elevator inspected safely and promptly as a part of these maintenance services. Additionally, the facility to clean and lubricate every part of your elevator will be included in the annual maintenance contract. Specialists and professionals additionally review your lift cab, pit, hoist way, and guide rail lubricators.

Opt for an Annual Maintenance Contract for Elevators in Dubai

AMC, or Annual Maintenance Contract, for an elevator, is an essential part of elevator maintenance. Signing up for an AMC ensures that your elevator will have a long service life.

AMC means fewer unforeseen breakdowns and a higher level of service quality.

The advantages of an AMC contract include:
  • Lower operating and servicing costs
  • Ensures that your installation retains its value and durability
  • Saves on spare parts and upkeep costs
  • Ensures that your installation meets all legal requirements
  • Ensures prompt response

After the installation of an elevator, its periodic maintenance is of utmost importance. You can rely on us as we offer end-to-end service, which also includes an annual maintenance contract for elevators, making sure that they always function properly.