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Routine Maintenance

Conducting regular inspections and preventive maintenance to identify and address potential issues before they become major problems.

Lubricating moving parts and ensuring proper functioning of all components.

Repairs and Troubleshooting

Responding promptly to any reported issues or breakdowns and performing necessary repairs.

Conducting troubleshooting to identify the root cause of malfunctions and implementing corrective measures.

Compliance with Regulations

Ensuring that elevators comply with local, state, and national safety regulations and standards.

Keeping up-to-date with changes in regulations and implementing necessary upgrades or modifications to meet new requirements.

Emergency Services

Providing 24/7 emergency services to address critical issues or breakdowns and minimize downtime.

Implementing temporary solutions if a more extensive repair is needed.

Modernization and Upgrades: help from Sajelco, you can access end-to-end elevator services including:

Design | Supply | Installation | Testing | Commissioning | Modernization | Repairs | Servicing | Maintenance (includes annual maintenance contract for elevators)

Sajelco is one of the best elevator designs, supply, installation, repair as well as elevator maintenance companies in UAE. Contact us your elevator installation, repair, and maintenance needs.

What Types of Elevators Are You Looking for?

Elevators are of different types and these can vary depending on various factors such as:

As Per the Functions

Passenger Elevator

A passenger elevator is used for the transport of people through buildings like homes, hotels, apartments, and many other buildings. These elevators vary immensely in terms of speed, size, and interior depending on the purpose they intend to serve.

Service Elevator

Commercial buildings have service elevators and they are mainly used by employees to transport goods, like cleaning carts and other items by housekeeping staff in a hotel. The hospitals also make use of service elevators for moving patients to hospital beds. Apart from transporting goods, these elevators are also used as regular passenger elevators. Service elevators are sturdy and have more space compared to the passenger elevator.

Freight Elevator

A freight elevator is used to transport heavy loads, such as cargo or cars in industrial buildings. This elevator is designed in such a way that it is highly durable.


A dumbwaiter or a small freight elevator can be found in public, commercial as well as private buildings.

Goods Elevators

The main function of these elevators is to move the goods, usually lift attendants and other personnel help in loading and unloading.

Residential or Commercial

Commercial elevators are comparatively larger than residential elevators. Some residential elevators can be designed to accommodate even one person.

As Per the Working Mechanism

Traction Elevators

This elevator’s mechanism uses a counterweight hence making it easier for the motor to manage the elevator load.

Geared traction elevators and gearless traction elevators are two subtypes of traction elevators.

Machine-Room-Less (MRL) Elevators

This elevator has its machine in the override space whereas other elevators have a machine room placed above the elevator shaft. So whenever a technician wants to repair an elevator, then it can be easily accessed from the top of the elevator cab.

MRL elevators are usually found in mid-rise buildings as they preserve energy and utilizes less space during construction.

Hydraulic Elevator

Conventional hydraulic elevators, hole-less hydraulic elevators, and roped hydraulic elevators are examples of hydraulic elevators.

The use of a piston at the elevator’s base makes the hydraulic elevators move it to different levels. The oil and hydraulic fluid is required to the piston to get driven by an electric motor.

After designing and installing the desired elevator at your location, Sajelco, the elevator service providing company will also offer you the maintenance service for your elevator.

Why You Need Maintenance for Your Elevator?

For the smooth working of your elevator, periodic maintenance is crucial. Timely follow-ups and repairs help to keep all the units and parts in proper order and lower the risk of unexpected breakdowns.

We are one of the best elevator repair and elevator maintenance companies in Dubai. At Sajelco, our experienced team is ready to take on the maintenance task of your elevators. Our expertise capable in providing a complete solution for all types of elevators and parts elevators.

Sajelco offers AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) for elevators ensuring the security and durability of elevators. Make us your first choice when you required elevator maintenance in Dubai.