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Hydraulic Passenger Lift

We can supply and install a wide variety of hydraulic passenger lifts that are fully compliant to meet the particular requirements of a wide variety of operating environments. The scope of hydraulic lifts we offer includes low-rise lifts to help with building access through to heavy-duty vehicle lifts.

The following are some of the advantages of hydraulic lifts:

Quicker installation time | Fewer space restrictions | Energy efficient | Choices for regenerative drive systems

Hydraulic Passenger Lift Installation Services

These types of lifts are ideal for a wide range of settings, including distribution centers, shopping malls, public facilities, private and public residential buildings. This is why Sajelco offers Hydraulic lifts. Classification as follows.

  • Individual aesthetic requirements of the passenger lift
  • Machine-room-less (MRL) lifts
  • Multiple capacities
  • All passenger lifts are suitable for wheelchair and disability access

Benefits of a Hydraulic Passenger Lift

Compared to other types of lifts, the hydraulic passenger lifts offers the following advantages:

Advantages in Terms of Space

A hydraulic passenger lift poses fewer restrictions on the shape of the cabin compared to other lift types. They can be placed in a separate location and take up less space than other types of lifts. This way architects have more design freedom when planning a building. Hydraulic passenger lifts are also ideal for areas with limited headroom or pit space, as well as for listed buildings where extensive excavation is impossible.

Service and Maintenance

Hydraulic systems typically require little upkeep and are simple to operate. A hydraulic system that is located outside of the lift shaft is simple to maintain and lift engineers do not have to be concerned about ropes or pulleys becoming worn. Hydraulic lifts are extremely dependable, and they rarely require replacement parts.


One of the safest types of passenger lifts is a hydraulic lift. Since there is no counterweight and cable system, maintenance or upkeep is likewise less risky for lift technicians.

Cost Effective

Hydraulic lifts are a cost-effective choice for buildings structures under five stories. They are also comparatively less expensive to install than other elevator types.

Installation Speed

Hydraulic lifts can be installed and tested quickly due to their Hassle free design.

Comfortable Ride

The hydraulic system that drives the lift is very smooth and precise, unlike some cable systems, where the lift can occasionally "jerk" if it is set up incorrectly or not maintained properly.

Capable of High Payload

Hydraulic passenger lifts can carry a hevier weight because their hydraulic systems are so strong and stable. As a result, factories, warehouses, and commercial buildings all benefit from their requirement

Our skilled engineers and technicians are available to ensure that your lifts operate safely and effectively. Our priority is to provide our clients with the best service and safety in the business. We work hard to make sure that our clients are happy with our passenger/goods lifts and get the best service possible.

At Sajelco, we pride ourselves on offering first-rate Hydraulic MRL elevator installation Dubai. We provide a wide range of lifts, from standard passenger lifts to customized solutions. Our team of technicians also offers repair and maintenance services for various types of lifts.