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As one of the top lift maintenance companies in Abu Dhabi, we provide the following lift services

Lift Installation Services

New Lift Installation

This includes the complete installation of a brand-new lift system, including all necessary components such as the lift car, guide rails, control panel, and safety features.

Lift Modernization

This involves upgrading or retrofitting an existing lift system to improve its performance, safety, and aesthetics.

Lift Replacement

We replace old or outdated lift systems with new ones, either due to safety concerns, performance issues, or aesthetic reasons.

Customized Lift Solutions

We cater to the unique requirements of clients who need specialized lift solutions, such as custom-designed lifts for buildings with specific architectural constraints, or lifts designed for specific purposes like goods lifts or car lifts.

Accessibility Lifts

Our team installs lifts that are specifically designed to provide accessibility for people with disabilities, including wheelchair lifts, platform lifts, and home lifts, to make buildings and facilities more inclusive and compliant with accessibility regulations.

Consultation and Design

This service includes providing expert consultation on lift system design, layout, and configuration, taking into consideration factors such as building structure, space constraints, traffic flow, and usage requirements, to recommend the most suitable lift system for a particular building or facility.

Testing and Commissioning

This service includes comprehensive testing and commissioning of the lift system to ensure it meets all safety regulations, standards, and performance requirements before it is put into operation.

Maintenance and Service Agreements

This service includes offering maintenance and service agreements to ensure the ongoing performance and safety of the lift system.

When you come to Sajel Co, one of the leading lift maintenance companies in Dubai, you can expect technicians trained and certified in performing inspections, repairs, and maintenance tasks to ensure that your lift system operates safely and efficiently.

Lift Maintenance and Repair Services

Preventive Maintenance

A technician will regularly lead inspections, adjustments, and maintenance tasks performed at scheduled intervals to proactively identify and address potential issues, ensuring that the lift system operates optimally and reduces the risk of unexpected breakdowns.

Corrective Maintenance

This service includes repairing or replacing faulty or malfunctioning components of the lift system to restore its normal operation.

Emergency Repairs

These services are prompt and responsive repairs in case of unexpected breakdowns or emergencies, such as lift entrapments, power outages, or other critical issues that require immediate attention to restore lift functionality and ensure passenger safety.

Modernization and Upgrades

This means upgrading or replacing outdated lift components or systems to improve performance, energy efficiency, safety, and aesthetics.

Safety Inspections and Audits

We conduct thorough safety inspections and audits of the lift system to ensure compliance with relevant safety regulations and standards.

Routine Cleaning and Lubrication

Regular cleaning and lubrication of the lift components to prevent dirt, dust, or debris accumulation, and ensure smooth and efficient operation of the lift system.

Performance Monitoring and Reporting

Monitoring the performance and operational data of the lift system using advanced technologies and providing regular reports to the clients on key performance metrics, such as energy usage, uptime, downtime, and maintenance history, to help optimize lift performance and reliability.

Consultation and Advisory Services

This includes providing expert consultation and advisory services on lift maintenance best practices, regulatory compliance, budgeting, and planning for future upgrades or replacements to ensure the long-term performance and safety of the lift system.

Why Choose Us for Lift Services?

We offer a wide range of lift services, including lift installation, modernization, maintenance, repairs, safety inspections, and more. Our comprehensive service offerings cater to diverse lift needs, from commercial and residential lifts to specialized lifts for accessibility, goods, or vehicles, providing a one-stop solution for all your lift requirements.

At Sajel Co, we proudly present a team of experienced professionals offering comprehensive services, customized solutions, and transparent pricing, making us an ideal choice for all your lift needs.

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