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How Can You Maintain Dumb Waiter Lifts with Our Assistance?

A dumb waiter is a small freight elevator that transports food, beverages, or other items between building floors. It is commonly found in restaurants, hotels, and other commercial buildings where food, linens, and other materials need to be moved promptly.

The dumb waiter, like any other machine, requires regular maintenance and repairs to ensure effective operation. Sajelco is your solution if you need dumb waiter lift repairs in Dubai.

Our experts will first diagnose the problem and then make the necessary repairs. The following are some common repairs for dumb waiter lifts:


Dumb waiter lifts, like all electrical devices, can develop electrical faults for a variety of reasons, including worn-out electrical components or an insufficient power supply. When this happens, the dumb waiter may not move properly or move erratically. Our professional repair technician can quickly identify and resolve electrical problems.


Dumb waiter lifts have many moving parts that work together to lift and lower the freight. Over time, these parts can wear out or break down, causing the dumb waiter to malfunction. Common mechanical problems include worn-out belts, broken cables, and misaligned pulleys. Sajelco technicians have the expertise and the and genuine software to identify and fix these issues.

Control System

The control system of a dumb waiter lifts is in charge of operating and controlling the lift's movement. Control system issues can cause the dumb waiter to operate slowly or not at all. Our expert team can diagnose and repair control system issues such as faulty control panels, broken sensors, and malfunctioning switches.


Dumb waiter lifts are installed within the structure of a building, and any problems with the building structure can affect the operation of the lift. For example, a sagging or shifting floor can cause the dumb waiter to operate erratically or get stuck. We at Sajelco can identify any structural issues and recommend appropriate repairs to ensure the smooth operation of the dumb waiter.

How Can We Help You to Install Your Desired Freight Elevator?

Freight elevator installation is an essential aspect of modern industrial and commercial buildings. These elevators are designed to transport heavy and bulky goods between floors, making it easier and more efficient to move goods around a building. Sajelco can help you install your desired freight elevator through the following process:

Power Saver

Our lifts are powered by a gearless PMS motor offering up to 40% energy so you have no need of worrying about power consumption.

Planning and Design

The installation of a freight elevator begins with careful planning and design. The elevator must be designed to meet the specific needs of the building, including the size and weight of the goods being transported, the number of floors it will serve, and the available space for installation. The design process includes selecting the type of elevator, determining the size and capacity of the elevator, and selecting the appropriate components, such as the cab, door, and control system.

Silent and Smooth Operation

Each lift comes equipped with quality gear designed for smooth operation for years to come.

Building Regulations and Codes

Building codes and regulations vary by location for freight elevator installation. These codes and regulations specify the minimum requirements for elevator installation, such as safety features, weight capacity, and accessibility. Compliance with these codes and regulations is critical for ensuring elevator user safety and avoiding legal issues.

Process of Installation

The installation of a freight elevator is complicated and necessitates specialized knowledge and expertise. So if you are looking for such expertise for freight elevator installation UAE then look no further than Sajelco!

Preparing the elevator shaft, installing the elevator components, and connecting the elevator to the building's electrical and mechanical systems are all part of the process.

We take pride in our end-to-end service for elevators, which includes designing, installing, modernizing, and maintaining them. Consider contacting us for further details!